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EasyAPK Memory Game Maker Update, No Coding Skill Required

Hello folks, ┬áhere it is EasyAPK Memory Game Maker, fun android game application maker. The Version is set back to v. this is new build and new developing platform, that’s why I set back to first release.

All previous buyers will get this version for free, just redownload from the same download link,..


EasyAPK Memory Game Maker is designed for everybody who doesn’t have any coding skill, it just needs a single click button! users will not see any code, users will not open eclipse! everything is so easy,..

Have you worked on elipse? if yes, you’ve found a bunches error notifications when the code is opened (imported) , where’s the error come from? honestly I do not have any idea, how can it be, it makes user so frustrated, and it happens over and over…

OK I think the chit chat is enough,.. lol If you are interested to have this tool you may purchase by clicking the button below,